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The weather in Tenerife and what to do in each season

Playa en Tenerife

The weather in Tenerife and what to do in each season

If there is one thing the Canary Islands are known for, it is their spectacular subtropical climate, something we enjoy every day at our hotel in the south of Tenerife, Villa Adeje Beach. The climate is characterised by being warm, with low rainfall and a pleasant temperature most of the year. The islands have an average annual temperature of around 22º. That is why many speak of the “eternal spring”, as it has a pleasant summer and a mild winter.

Specifically, the island of Tenerife has a mild, temperate and moderate climate, which makes it the perfect destination at any time of the year. However, there are certain characteristics of its climate that not everyone is aware of before visiting. 

Tenerife, Island of contrasts

Tenerife is characterised by a wide variety of microclimates due to its abrupt orography and its difference in altitude. This gives rise to very different landscapes within the same island, and leads to a great wealth of ecosystems.

In this way, in the same day we can go from being in the coastal area on the beach with sun and a pleasant temperature, to being in the snow in the Cañadas del Teide. On the island we can see desert areas that contrast with the humid areas with lush forests. This allows us to have totally different experiences in a very short time.

Contrastes clima Tenerife

Tenerife’s climate between north and south

There is a clear difference between one region of the island and another. The north, exposed to the trade winds, is much more humid and temperatures tend to be lower. This part of the island is more likely to be somewhat cloudy. The south, on the other hand, has more hours of sunshine, with very few days of the year without it.

What to do in Tenerife in every season

Taking into account the peculiarities of the island’s climate, we suggest different activities to do depending on the time of year:

Activities for spring – summer

1. Strolling through the cities

Spring is the perfect time to take a stroll through the most emblematic cities on the island. La Laguna, Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz… these are cities that, with the arrival of spring and its pleasant temperatures, invite you to enjoy their historic centres and immerse yourself in their culture and magnificent views.

2. Hiking

Although hiking is an activity you can do at any time of the year on the island, between March and June you’ll enjoy the best temperatures for walking. The island has a wide network of trails for everyone, so you will find the perfect trail to suit your preferences. If you like nature, you can enjoy it on the different mountain excursions that Tenerife has to offer.

Senderismo en Tenerife

3. Maritime activities

Taking advantage of the good weather and the better water temperature, these months are fantastic for sea activities. In Tenerife there is a wide range of activities for you to make the most of your stay on the island. Some of the most outstanding activities are:

  • Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Jet skiing
  • Surfing / Paddle Surfing
  • Kitesurfing / Windsurfing
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkelling

4. Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset from the Atlantic Ocean is a real spectacle. Tenerife is one of the destinations with the best sunsets because of its incredible landscapes, the sea of clouds, being able to see other islands when the days are clear… The island has many viewpoints from which you can enjoy unforgettable sunsets. 

Atardecer en tenerife

What to do in autumn – winter in Tenerife

1. Chestnut tree routes and trails

Autumn is the best time to visit the island’s chestnut trees, as the trees begin to bear fruit and the forest begins to turn yellow. There are several Chestnut Tree Routes, most of which are located in the north of the island. One of the most outstanding routes is the Chestnut Tree Route in Los Dornajos, in the municipality of La Victoria de Acentejo.

2. Snow

Although Teide is a must-see at any time of the year, if you visit from November to March you may find the national park under a blanket of white – a spectacle not to be missed!

Teide nevado Tenerife

3. Beaches in the south

At this time of year, with slightly cooler temperatures in some parts of the island, the south is a must. So you can enjoy a day at the beach, as well as sea excursions: diving, whale watching, boat trips… It’ll feel like summer!

4. Shooting stars 

In mid-December the Geminids take place, a spectacular event that you can enjoy from one of the best skies in the world. The summits of Tenerife and El Teide have been awarded Starlight status for the excellent quality of their skies. You can’t miss it!

Estrellas en Tenerife

In short, Tenerife has a pleasant climate. This will allow you to enjoy a wide range of activities at any time of the year. From Villa Adeje Beach we invite you to discover the island with us, it will be unforgettable!

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