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Mistakes to avoid in Tenerife for a perfect holiday

Consejos para viajar a Tenerife

Mistakes to avoid in Tenerife for a perfect holiday

Welcome to Tenerife! The largest island of the Canary Islands awaits you with its paradisiacal beaches, its imposing volcano Teide and a rich culture. To make your holiday perfect, we want to share with you some mistakes you should avoid when travelling to Tenerife.

Choosing your accommodation in Tenerife

Here are some common mistakes when booking your stay on the island:

  • Not booking in advance: Tenerife is a very popular destination, especially during the summer months. If you don’t book your accommodation in advance, you may run out of options or have to pay higher prices. We recommend booking your hotel in Tenerife at least 3 months in advance, especially if you are travelling in high season.
  • Choosing the wrong accommodation: Before you book your accommodation, make sure it fits your needs and budget. If you are travelling with children, for example, it is important to choose a family-friendly hotel with activities and services for the little ones.
  • Ignoring location: The location of your accommodation is very important to make the most of your holiday.The Villa Adeje Beach hotel is in an ideal location, close to the sea and just a few minutes from the centre of Adeje.
Villa Adeje Beach Hotel

Activities in Tenerife: tips

If you are going to complete your stay in Tenerife with activities on the island, you should bear in mind these common mistakes:

  • Not planning ahead: If you don’t plan ahead, you may miss out on some of the best activities Tenerife has to offer. We recommend researching available activities and booking tickets for the most popular attractions in advance.
  • Trying to pack too much into too little time: Don’t try to do everything in one day. Tenerife is a big island with a lot to offer, so take your time to enjoy each place.
  • Not wearing appropriate clothing: The weather in Tenerife can vary greatly depending on the time of year. Make sure you wear suitable clothing for the weather you are in for.
  • Not respecting the environment: Tenerife is a unique place with a great natural wealth. Don’t leave rubbish on the beaches or footpaths, and respect the local flora and fauna.
Activities in Tenerife

Gastronomy in Tenerife: common mistakes

  • Eating only in tourist restaurants: In Tenerife there is a wide variety of restaurants, from traditional restaurants to gourmet restaurants. Don’t just stick to the tourist restaurants and try the local gastronomy.
  • Not trying the typical food: Canarian gastronomy is delicious and varied. Don’t miss typical dishes such as mojo picón, papas arrugadas con mojo, gofio or sancocho.
  • Drink only bottled water: The tap water in Tenerife is drinkable, so you don’t need to buy bottled water.

Mistakes related to safety

  • Forgetting to use sunscreen: The sun in Tenerife can be very strong, even in winter. It is important to use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and moisturising cream to avoid sunburn.
  • Bathing on beaches with red flags: Red flags indicate that bathing is prohibited due to the danger of strong waves or sea currents.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended: Do not leave valuables unattended on the beach or in the street.

By following these tips, you can avoid common mistakes and enjoy a perfect holiday in Tenerife – we look forward to seeing you at Villa Adeje Beach!

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