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Meet Raquel, our receptionist

Meet our receptionist Raquel

Meet Raquel, our receptionist

We continue to present the team of professionals of the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel. Today we present Raquel, one of our receptionists. Don’t miss the interview!

“Villa Adeje Beach is a very family friendly hotel”

Raquel has been working at the hotel reception for almost 6 years. Although she has worked in other hotels of higher and lower categories, when you ask her what sets Villa Adeje Beach apart from the rest of the hotels, she highlights the familiarity. “It works well because it is very familiar, both internally and with the clients”, she says.

Work at the reception desk at Villa Adeje Beach

The day-to-day work at the hotel reception is very varied. “There is not only customer service, there is also a lot of administrative work and that makes the work very varied and we don’t get tired”. Raquel highlights the internal work at reception as her favourite part of the job. “I’m very sociable and I love dealing with customers, but I really enjoy the administrative side”, she says.

Receptionist at Villa Adeje Beach Hotel

The working atmosphere at Villa Adeje Beach

Reception centralises all the information from the other departments, so the receptionists have contact with all areas. “We have a good relationship with all the departments”, she points out.

Raquel tells us that, being a smaller, family hotel, all the workers know each other and there is a very good atmosphere: “We all have a good vibe with each other”.

“Personally I prefer the winter public”

As for the time of year, Raquel tells us that she prefers winter tourism because they are older and quieter. “It’s nice to see their eagerness and the way they go”, she says. She also tells us that some clients come alone, and there are even repeat clients who keep coming to Villa Adeje Beach when their partner passes away.

However, Raquel highlights the variety of the public also in summer. “More children come in summer and there is more movement, which is also great for a change”, she says.

“In 6 years I have many anecdotes to tell”

“Anecdotes? In 6 years I have many to tell”. As in all hotels, at Villa Adeje Beach there are anecdotes almost daily with guests and colleagues.

Raquel fondly remembers a recent anecdote about a guest who was staying alone and had love problems. The guest asked reception to send his partner an email, and she was replying. When he left the hotel and arrived at his destination, he reported that he had arrived safely and that they had reconciled.

All inclusive hotel Villa Adeje Beach

From the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel we continue to bring you closer to the team of workers who are part of the hotel and who make its operation possible. Get to know the Villa Adeje Beach team!

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