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Meet Laura, our entertainer

Meet Laura our entertainer

Meet Laura, our entertainer

We continue to present the team of professionals of the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel. Today we present Laura, our entertainer, don’t miss the interview!

Entertainment at Villa Adeje Beach

Laura is the hotel’s entertainer and has been working with us for 5 years. She is the person in charge of amusing and entertaining our guests with a variety of activities throughout the day.

The entertainment at the hotel starts in the mornings with pool activities such as mini-golf, petanque, archery, etc. In the afternoon we continue with more entertainment in our bar hall, such as karaoke, face painting, mini-disco, shows… When asked about her favourite entertainment activities, Laura is clear: archery and face painting.

Themed days at Villa Adeje Beach

In addition to the daily entertainment, Laura is also in charge of preparing theme days with special activities. Among her favourites are Halloween and Christmas morning, when they receive a visit from Father Christmas and hand him the letter they have written the day before, as well as other activities and shows.

As for the galas, Laura also participates in the reception. “On New Year’s Eve, everyone is ready to have a party, so it’s very easy to cheer them up,” she says.

“At Villa Adeje Beach we are like a family”

As for the relationship with her colleagues, Laura stresses that they are like a family. “This is like a family, it’s a small hotel and we all know each other perfectly,” she says.

In her day-to-day work, she deals mainly with the waiters, who are always willing to help her if she needs it in any activity, and vice versa. “We are a good team, between all of us we keep the client happy”, she emphasises.

Dealing with the customer

“What I like most about working at the hotel is the way they deal with the client, they are very close”, Laura points out. In the 5 years she has been working at Villa Adeje Beach, Laura has met many repeat clients with whom she has a very close relationship and who even bring her gifts.

“When I got married, a client gave me a photo of my wedding… it was the first wedding photo I had at home”, she tells us. Laura also fondly remembers the months when she was pregnant last year and customers brought her gifts and clothes for the baby girl.

“In summer, clients come predisposed to have a good time, they are always energetic”

Laura tells us that in animation, the difference in clients is very noticeable depending on where they come from and the time of year. “In summer the clients come predisposed to have fun, they are always energetic…. The sun makes us happy”, he exclaims. On the other hand, winter customers tend to be more relaxed and come looking for sun and tranquillity.

When asked which clients tend to be the liveliest, Laura tells us that the further south the client is, the livelier they tend to be. “The Spaniards are the life of the party”, she replies with a laugh.

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