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Meet Fran, our waiter

Meet Fran

Meet Fran, our waiter

Today on the blog of the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel we introduce you to Fran, one of our waiters, don’t miss the interview!

“I’ve loved the hotel business since I was a child”

Fran has been working in the hotel for 5 years as a waiter. Before becoming a waiter, he worked as a lifeguard. “For me, being a waiter is much better… it’s not so boring”, he says.

“I’ve liked the hotel business since I was a child”, he says. When we ask him what he likes most about his job, Fran emphasises his relationship with the customer: “What I like most is serving the customers, their happiness”.

Fran’s day to day life at Villa Adeje Beach

Like his colleagues, he rotates between the pool bar, restaurant and bar hall. Fran is clear about his favourite: “I prefer the restaurant, I like it because I can move around, I don’t like to stand in the same place for long hours”, he says.

Fran also highlights the good atmosphere among all his colleagues. “You come, you have a good time, the hours fly by…”, he tells us.

Villa Adeje Beach restaurant

Coco Loco, his favourite cocktail

At the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel we have a very interesting cocktail menu. Fran tells us that his favourite, and the one most often ordered by guests, is the Coco Loco. “It has condensed milk, milk, tequila, malibu, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice… in a guitar glass, ice and decoration, it’s ideal”. Fran also highlights the Barbie cocktail that they have recently launched and the Tenerife Kiss as some of the most fun ones.

How are guests treated at the hotel?

Fran tells us that most of the guests who visit the hotel are quite loving and grateful.

“At Villa Adeje Beach there are a lot of very dear repeat customers”. Fran fondly remembers families who were already visiting the hotel when he started working, and who still remember the drinks they ordered.

Villa Adeje Beach Hotel cocktails

Meet our Villa Adeje Beach team in our blog posts. See you in the south of Tenerife!

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