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Meet Alberto, our waiter

Meet Alberto

Meet Alberto, our waiter

At Villa Adeje Beach we continue with the presentation of our team of professionals. Today it’s the turn of Alberto, one of our waiters. Read on!

His first experience in a hotel

Alberto has been working at Villa Adeje Beach for almost a year now and this is his first experience working in a hotel. The closest job he has had to the hotel business was working in a pizzeria, where he met the bar manager of Villa Adeje Beach and was offered a job at the hotel. “My experience at the hotel has been quite good, I really like my job”, he says.

What is Alberto’s day-to-day life like at Villa Adeje Beach?

Alberto and his colleagues rotate between the restaurant, the hall bar and the hotel’s pool bar. “What I like most is the diversity, you don’t always have the same routine,” he says.

When asked where he prefers to work, Alberto is clear: at the pool. “It takes a lot of organisational and cleaning work, but it’s very pleasant and the hours are very good”, he points out.

“The best thing has been working with my colleagues”

Alberto highlights the teamwork at the hotel. “For me the best thing has been working with my colleagues. It has helped me to be a better person and to overcome many things,” he says.

Cocktails in Villa Adeje Beach

Customer service at Villa Adeje Beach

Regarding the hotel guests, Alberto emphasises their friendliness and patience. “They are generally people who are very grateful for the sun and relaxation,” he says.

At Villa Adeje Beach we have many repeat guests. “They always have a detail with us…. They haven’t left and they already have a date to come back”, Alberto tells us. Alberto emphasises how grateful and respectful the hotel’s guests are. “At Villa Adeje Beach there is a very close and very human atmosphere”, he emphasises.

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