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Local produce at the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel

Local produce at the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel

In Adeje lies a hidden gem that has been serving as a source of fresh, local produce for the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel for decades. This farm, acquired in 1978 by Benito Domínguez, the hotel’s previous owner, is much more than just land; it is a legacy of commitment to quality and authenticity in every banana it produces.

The Benito Dominguez Legacy: Building from the Ground Up

When Benito Domínguez acquired the farm, there was nothing but a vast piece of land waiting to be transformed into an oasis of local produce. With tenacity and vision, Benito meticulously constructed stone walls, an irrigation pond and internal roads that would facilitate the development of the farm. Over time, the first seeds were planted and the first greenhouses sprang up, until eventually, the farm grew to an impressive 10 hectares of banana trees, half of which are under glass.

Local product Villa Adeje Beach

A lasting bond: The relationship between the finca and the hotel

Over the years, the farm has maintained a close relationship with the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel, becoming a reliable source of fresh, high quality produce. Every month, between 250 and 350 kilos of bananas are harvested and delivered to the hotel, guaranteeing a constant supply that meets the needs of the guests.

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From farm to table: Use of local produce at the hotel

The freshness and quality of the farm’s bananas do not go unnoticed at the Villa Adeje Beach Hotel. These delicious local fruits are not only used in desserts, such as sponge cake and muffins, but are also served in their natural state as part of the hotel’s meals. From an energising breakfast to a delicious afternoon snack, the farm-fresh bananas add a touch of authenticity and local flavour to every dining experience at the hotel.

Fresh banana at Villa Adeje Beach Hotel

The Villa Adeje Beach Hotel‘s farm is much more than a produce supplier; it is a symbol of the hotel’s commitment to quality, sustainability and support for the local community. Each banana grown on this farm represents a direct connection to the land and the legacy of Benito Dominguez, whose spirit lives on in every fresh and delicious bite served at the hotel.

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