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Plans to celebrate Canary Islands Day

Canary islands Day

Plans to celebrate Canary Islands Day

The 30th of May is a very special day for the Canary Islands. On this day we celebrate the anniversary of the first session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, when the union of the whole archipelago under self-government was made official. 

This cultural festivity refers to the intense, special and colourful Canarian identity. For this reason, a variety of artistic and social activities take place, such as folk music, sports exhibitions, games… Also never missing is the inimitable gastronomy of the islands.

And at Villa de Adeje Beach Hotel we do not lag behind with the celebration, so we invite you to read our blog about the different activities that can be carried out on this day.

Music and dance

Music never stops playing on the islands, especially on this special day. Traditional songs and instrumental pieces are the purest musical expressions, all within the characteristic folklore.

The singing is fast and lively and is always accompanied by traditional dances. Among these songs and dances are the isa, folía and malagueña.

All of this can be enjoyed in the popular Canarian fiesta, the “romería”. This consists of a pilgrimage to the sanctuary or hermitage of a virgin or patron saint of the place. During the pilgrimage, the pilgrims walk to the sound of music, dancing and enjoying the Canarian gastronomy.


The traditional costumes of the Canary Islands are models of traditional dress that faithfully express the cultural identity of the archipelago. These costumes are different on each island, but they coincide in most of their elements and in their colourful image.

Women’s costumes consist of a skirt, hat, headscarf, cotton shirt, apron and petticoat. Men, on the other hand, wear a waistcoat, trousers or breeches, a sash, a hat and a linen shirt.

Traditional costume Canary Islands


Canarian food is characterised by its simplicity, variety and richness in ingredients, and on a day like this you could not miss these delicious and typical dishes, which will make your mouth water as soon as you see how they look!

Among these foods we find gofio, a corn flour toasted in a traditional way. It can be used to make different dishes, such as escaldón or pellas de gofio.

Cheese is another of the products that stand out in the archipelago because of the uniqueness of each island. There are different types and flavours (smoked, gofio, with paprika toppings…) There is something for everyone!

Finally, mojo picón and mojo verde are sauces made with red and green peppers respectively. They are the perfect accompaniment to any dish.

At Villa Adeje Beach Hotel you will have the opportunity to try these delicious products and dishes

Canarian food in Villa Adeje Beach


On a day like this you have to have a good time, you can’t miss the fun, that’s why in the Canary Islands various games and sports are commemorated. 

Among them we find the Canarian wrestling, which consists of a fight between two opponents to knock the opponent down by pushing and grabbing. This is the traditional sport par excellence.

Among the games we find the game of the stick, similar to fencing. The spinning top is another game that requires skill, which consists of making the spinning top dance by winding the rope around it and throwing it energetically. There are also the boliches or marbles (glass balls); this game consists of getting a ball of your own into a hole before your opponent. 

Canary games boliches

Canary Islands Day is synonymous with celebration, pride and enjoyment for everyone. There are many ways to spend a day like this, and at Villa de Adeje Beach Hotel we invite you to spend it with us, enjoying all that the Canary Islands have to offer.

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